The name of the game

FPC was founded more than 40 years ago. 1973 it was, when H.J. New and Ed Bruyninckx started this very company in Antwerp Belgium as ‘Fire Protection Consultants’, hence FPC.
The company grew steadily, the contracts became bigger an complexer and the world became smaller. Soon Fire Protection Consultants Was active all over Europe, in the Middle East and in Africa.

Airports, shopping malls, industrial and private complexes, high rise, chemical plants: the assignments long since exceed mere fire protection consultancy in the oil & gas industry.

And we are proud of this evolution. FPC has become an esteemed brand in the industry. In fact FPC has become a brand name, an acronym in which the real meaning of the original abbreviation has evaporated. Like anybody can tell you what IBM is, but little people know what seperate characters stand for. Unfortunately other than IBM, to an outsider it may not be clear what’s behind the FPC brand name, at first sight.

Specifics beat generals: John Caples, the legendary godfather of marketing, already had this premise chiseled in stone since the beginning of times. So we decided to ad ‘RISK’ to the FPC brand name, specifying our field of expertise. our profession, our passion.

FPC Risk. That’s who we are. That’s what we have become. That’s what we do.

For years to come.

Thank you for being with us.

Ralf Bruyninckx