Due to the renewed COVID measures introduced by the Belgian government, all FPC Risk  employees will work from home.

Dear Customer, dear Colleague, dear Friend,

COVID – 19 has rapidly become a dominant worldwide issue and affects all of us directly. Our focus should now be, more than ever, on health care of employees, customers and the population at large.

FPC Risk and its staff have, and will take, all necessary measures fully in line with ongoing Federal Government decisions & guidance.

Met een mix aan sprekers uit de publieke en private sector hebben we getracht een beeld te vormen over het beleid om met de dreiging die de COVID-19 crisis met zich meebrengt om te gaan.

FPC Risk Academy Webinar

FPC Risk Academy

The COVID19 crisis presents us with many challenges for which most organizations today have found a modus operandi in the current situation.
Which post-corona challenges await managers and employees on their way to the 'new' normal?

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