Emergency Management Solutions

Ambatovy - Madagascar

  • Improvement of the crisis & emergency management plans for the crisis organisation of the world’s largest nickel and cobalt mining and refinery sites. Delivery of training and exercises to the crisis management emergency management teams.

Belgoprocess – Belgium

  • Interim Nuclear Emergency Response Planning support.


  • Define emergency response capabilities for one of the major crude pipelines in the world operated by BP.
  • Develop emergency response plans.
  • Determine how BTC would relate to offsite risks, civilian evacuation, training and management of local resources.
  • Chevron (Unocal) –The Netherlands
  • Development of the evacuation plans and deliver of training to the crisis management teams for 6 offshore oil rigs in the North Sea.

COVESTRO – Belgium

  • Review of the Emergency Response Plan.

Delek Benelux (Texaco) - The Netherlands

  • Review of the crisis management plan.
  • Delivery of an international crisis management exercise for a fuel depot.

ExxonMobil - Belgium

  • Table-top exercises for the crisis management team.

Janssen (J&J) – Belgium

  • Development of a Business Continuity Plan for electricity outage for 6 sites.
  • Information Management  during Crisis Management exercise.
  • Training of the Emergency Management Team.

Lanxess - Belgium

  • Optimisation of the crisis and emergency management teams for 3 sites.
  • Development of the on-site emergency response plan, pre-incident plans and training & exercising of 100+ people in the crisis management organisation.
  • Interim management of the Butyl Rubber plant to coach the organisation change towards the new crisis management organisation.

Ministry of Internal Affairs - Belgium

  • Development of a multi-disciplinary software platform for crisis and emergency management: NoKeos.
  • Training and table-top exercises for the provincial emergency managers and group of information managers of all agencies on NoKeos.
  • Training on exercise delivery.
  • Development of a safety guidelines for event organisers.
  • Analysis of the required fire fighting means for the SEVESO risks in the Province.

NTT Data - Japan

  • Development of an intranet based decision support system for Earthquake Emergency Management (NoKeos V1)

Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp & Ghent - Belgium

  • Review of the Emergency Response Plan.
  • Optimisation of the Crisis Management Team.
  • Development of an Emergency Response Plan.
  • Development of Competence Management Program for the crisis organisation.
  • Training & exercises for crisis management and emergency response organisation.

Port of Antwerp - Belgium

  • Risk analysis and development of a risk register. .
  • Crisis organisation design.
  • Development of the internal Emergency Response Plan for maritime and land based incidents.
  • Implementation of NoKeos as the crisis information management platform with strategic crisis management plans for SEVESO (COMAH) incidents in the port of Antwerp (CALAHAN).
  • Training and exercising of the information managers of the crisis management teams of: AGT, ATPC, BASF, Lanxess, Port of Antwerp, Solvay, Total, Vopak, … and the emergency services, fire brigades, local police, medics and civil defence of 3 municipalities and 2 provinces.
  • Development of a software system to gather near-line inventory of HAZMAT risks at industrial sites. The system is linked to the municipal GIS system and used by the Fire Brigade and municipal crisis centre.

Port of Duqm - Oman

  • Development of the emergency response plan of this new, strategic Port in Oman.
  • Determine a unified emergency management structure with local authorities and companies.

Schiphol Airport - The Netherlands

  • Development of an evacuation decision support system for training purposes: EVA.
  • Emergency response management training for the terminal control room.

Shell - Singapore

  • Assessment of the legacy emergency management organisation.
  • Development of a new emergency management organisation based on ICS and coaching of the company towards this new organisation.
  • Development of on-site emergency response plans, standard operating procedures, pre-incident plans, and EOC.
  • Implement a Unified Command structure with SCDF.
  • Trainings & exercises.

Shell - Global

  • Development of a training and exercise guideline to support the global implementation of ICS.
  • Assessment of the legacy emergency management organisation of the Shell Refinery in the Philippines.

SPIE - Belgium

  • Conduct a crisis management exercise.


  • Formulate requirements for the development of IMRS Element ‘Emergency Preparedness & Response’ (IMRS = Integrated Management Rating System)
  • Interim support of emergency response planning

VTTI (ATPC) - Belgium

  • Development of pre-incident plans

Vesta Terminal: Belgium

  • Assessment of the emergency response plan.
  • Risk analysis and development of a risk register.
  • Crisis management organisation design.
  • Development of an emergency response plan.
  • Organisation of field training exercise.