Fire Risk Consultancy

Shell Global Solutions - Worldwide

  • Umbrella Contract for worldwide servicing
  • Fire risk assessments on- and offshore
  • Support with global procurement of firefighting equipment

IFC / Worlbank - EMEA

  • Development of corporate philosophy  
  • Strategic fire risk advice during due diligence processes
  • Development of corrective plans for upgrading
  • Advice on (fire) risk management tools

Total - EMEA

  • Conduct of risk analysis and fire safety studies
  • Define the required level of fire and gas detection systems, fire protection systems, drainage requirements and safety equipment
  • Obtain approvals from local authorities and Total Headquarters (HSE)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - The Netherlands

  • Principal fire safety consultant to AAS since more than 10 years
  • Fire safety study of the terminal complex
  • Secondment as prevention advisor on site from 2005
  • Smoke and evacuation simulations
  • Negotiations with local authorities

Hilton International - EMEA

  • Development of corporate philosophy  
  • Development of fire safety masterplans for + 50 hotels
  • International and local fire code consulting  

Johnson & Johnson - EU

  • Umbrella contract with Janssen Pharmaceutica and Johnson & Johnson worldwide responsible for the various consultancy and engineering projects
  • Development of corporate philosophy  

Fire risk screening of JNJ buildings in Europe

  • Consultancy services to negotiate the required fire protection requirements with and to obtain approvals from the insurance company (FM-Global)

New NATO headquarters - Brussels - Belgium

  • Fire safety concept and fire and evacuation modelling, including discussions with Belgian army, local authorities and deviation commission

Zakum & Umm Shaif offshore fields - Abu Dhabi

  • A comprehensive fire safety study of the offshore facilities and structures operated by Zakum

SECO - Saudi Electricity Company - KSA

  • Conduct of a fire assessment study covering 15 power plants in the northern and eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia. Preparation of tender packages, for each power plant covering all new fire protection and detection systems to be provided and all upgrades on existing systems

General Electric Plastics, Beauvais - France

  • Discussions with FMI, GEP-Beauvais, GEP Corporate and establish fire safety philosophy and fire protection design criteria for the entire plant
  • Preparation of a fire protection upgrading programme
  • Budget estimate of the fire protection upgrading programme

The Grandeur Residences, Jumeirah Palm, Dubai - UAE

  • Preparation of fire safety master plan and provision of life and fire safety consultancy services to project management team

Zayed Military Hospital, UAE

  • Site survey and risk analysis of 4 hospitals
  • Preparing tender documents for upgrading of life & fire safety systems
  • Assistance in price and technical negotiating with international contractors

VTTI – Worldwide

  • Umbrella contract to support VTTI worldwide including services such as:
  • All aspects of fire protection (passive/active), fire and gas detection and alarm and life safety at the terminal and the loading/unloading jetty
  • GAP analysis to corporate standards for several facilities

Pfizer - Puurs - Belgium

  • HaZop study of depyrogenation tunnels
  • Inventarisation of all process and safety data of the 7 depyrogenation tunnels
  • Project implementation plan of the recommendations resulting from the HaZop study

Shell UK & Nordics

  • GAP assessment of 9 oil terminals in Norway, including high level risk analysis and corrective action plan

CommerzBank - The Netherlands

  • Evaluation of different a-typical high rise office buildings of Commerzbank in The Netherlands & Germany
  • Negotiations with fire brigade, owner and insurers

PDO - Petroleum Development Oman

  • Conduct a fire and explosion risk management (FERM) study for a new SN condensate plant

Petrorabigh - Saudi Arabia

  • Fire risk assessment for large integrated oil refinery and chemical plant in Jeddah.
  • Align fire safety philosophy of different OPCO’s
  • Determine staff and manpower capacity for fire fighting operations

ISLA Refinery - Curacao

  • Umbrella contract with Petroleos de  Venezuela SA (PDVSA)
  • Hazard assessment of entire 350.000 barrel/day refinery and development of Isla's safety and fire protection philosophy and preparation of overall fire safety upgrading programme for the entire refinery
  • Assistance to ISLA with QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) study for upgrading of the fire protection systems of the entire refinery

Metro Brussels/Antwerp - Belgium

  • Study on smoke and heat extraction and fire safety in Metro Tunnel 1A/1B Beekkant – Merode (Brussels)
    • Inventarisation and qualitative fire risk analysis of 11 underground stations and connecting metro tunnels
    • Quantitative CFD and evacuation analysis of 11 underground stations and connecting metro tunnels
  • Large tramp depot Brussels
    • Quantitative risk analysis of the Marconi tram depot;
    • LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) to determine the added value of fire protection systems


More references are available upon request.