Fire Risk Engineering

KNPC - Kuwait National Petroleum Company

  • Appointed as specialist for preparing FEED & TIC for phasing out of halon and replacement of the complete fire alarm systems at all three refineries and local marketing facilities

Johnson & Johnson - Europe

  • Sprinkler/deluge/foam injection system design
  • Review of gas extinguishing system design
  • Assistance on cause & effect matrices for fire safety systems
  • Review of SHEVS (smoke & heat exhaust ventilation systems)
  • Coordination of fire safety systems with other utilities during design phase
  • Installation follow-up and technical advice during construction phase

ISLA Refinery - Curacao

  • Detailed engineering and design of the installation of two new large fire pump stations  and detailed engineering for upgrading of fixed fire protection/detection systems for LPG storage, jetties, tank farms and process units
  • Preparation of the basic engineering design and tender package for upgrading of the refinery's entire fire and gas detection, alarm and communication system
  • Detailed engineering design of fire protection and detection systems for 25 storage tanks at Bullenbaai Terminal

DRAGON Oil - Turkmenistan

  • Appointed as specialist to carry out a study to appraise the adequacy of fire & gas detection, fire fighting, fire alarm and safety systems at its various onshore and offshore facilities in Turkmenistan

Greiff - France

  • Development of tender packagers for installation of sprinkler systems in several warehouses in France

Muscat & Seeb International Airports - Oman

  • Fire design review of entire concept prepared by architects/engineer of Muscat & Salalah International Airports

Underground Train Tunnel - Belgium

  • Assistance during the design phase of high expansion foams systems and firewater supply systems
  • Set-up of maintenance requirements for foam systems in the tunnel tubes

Total Petrochemicals - France

  • Performance tests of fire safety systems and distribution main for 2 main plants in France
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire water network

Center Parks - Europe

  • Management of large sprinkler upgrading project of 10 parks in Europe
  • Preparation of basic and detailed design
  • Project management and installation supervision
  • Testing and commissioning of fire protection systems

Wintershall - North Sea

  • Concept firefighting design for 7 offshore platform in the North Sea
  • Basic and detailed engineering of firefighting systems
  • Commissioning and testing 

Al Ain Power Station - UAE

  • Design/installation/commissioning of fire and gas life safety systems at Abu Dhabi / Al Ain Power Station upgrade projects with Marubeni Corporation/ MF Kent
  • Preparation of basic engineering lay-outs and design specifications for fire protection systems for the power plant equipment including foam/water spray systems for oil fuel transfer skids, water spray systems for transformers units


fpc risk industries


Akzo Nobel - EU

  • Prepare planning for upgrading of fire safety systems
  • Project planning and follow-up
  • Certification renovation sprinkler engine room
  • Testing and commission of fire protection systems.

ExxonMobil Chemical - EU

  • Development of all fire protection and detection/alarm systems for a new plant in Kerkrade (The Netherlands), Brindisi (Italy) and Virton (Belgium)
  • Provision of consultancy and engineering/design services for the protection of a new, state-to-the-art oriented polypropylene films plant in Kerkrade, The Netherlands
  • Detailed design and tender documents of fire protection systems during design of the plant, incl. supervision during installation, testing and commissioning

Shell - Worldwide

  • Hydraulic fire water analysis of a large number of Shell refineries and LNG plants
  • Development of fire protection system designs and  upgrading programs

Hilton - EU

  • Management of large sprinkler upgrading project of 12 Hotel in Europe
  • Preparation of basic and detailed design
  • Project management and installation supervision
  • Testing and commissioning of fire protection systems

Golden Pyramid Plaza Project - Egypt

  • Means of egress analysis
  • Life safety signage design review, preparation of signage schedules
  • Evaluation and review of compartmentation of cinema demising walls to ensure compliance with NFPA requirements
  • Review and evaluate external exposure from adjacent buildings, separation distances, and opening

More references are available upon request.