Airport Charles de Gaulle - France

  • Fire simulations of realistic scenarios to assess impact on roof structure of underground train station and provide recommendations on structural resistance

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - The Netherlands

  • Principal fire safety consultant to AAS since more than 10 years
  • Fire safety study of the terminal complex
  • Secondment as prevention advisor on site from 2005
  • Upgrade of the fire safety plans of the terminal complex
  • Smoke and evacuation simulations
  • Negotiations with local authorities

Doha International Airport - Qatar

  • Design review and third party verification of fire alarm, detection & EVAC systems at the NDIA

Dubai International Airport - UAE

  • Smoke simulations (CFD modelling) to define performance of current smoke management systems and to provide recommendations for cost effective upgrading of the systems

Metro - Brussels/Antwerp - Belgium

  • Study on Smoke and Heat Extraction and Fire Safety in Metro Tunnel 1A/1B Beekkant – Merode (Brussels)
    • Inventarisation and Qualitative Fire Risk Analysis of 11 Underground Stations and Connecting Metro Tunnels
    • Quantitative CFD and Evacuation Analysis of 11 Underground Stations and Connecting Metro Tunnels
  • Large tramp depot Brussels
    • Quantitative risk analysis of the Marconi tram depot;
    • LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) to determine the added value of fire protection systems
  • Extension of the Opera metro station - Antwerp
    • Preparation of derogation request, incl. required conduct of smoke and evacuation simulations
    • General consultancy services related to attached road tunnel and underground parking
    • Quantitative CFD and Evacuation Analysis of Station Opera

Muscat & Seeb International Airports - Oman

  • Fire design review of entire concept prepared by architects/engineer of Muscat & Salalah International Airports

Narita International Airport - Japan

  • Advisor on development of emergency response plans for the airport together with NTT Data

Underground Train Tunnel - Belgium (LocoRail-LocoBouw)

  • Risk analysis related to the realisation of cross passages and evacuation shafts and the architectural finish of the tunnel tubes
  • Assistance during the design phase of high expansion foams systems and firewater supply systems
  • Set-up of maintenance requirements for foam systems in the tunnel tubes


More references are available upon request.