Manufacturing and Logistics

Exxon Mobil Chemicals - The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium

  • Provision of consultancy and engineering/design services for the protection of a new, state-to-the-art oriented polypropylene films plant in Kerkrade, The Netherlands
  • Development of all fire protection and detection/alarm systems for a new plant in Kerkrade (The Netherlands), Brindisi (Italy) and Virton (Belgium)

Phillip Morris Cigarette Factory - Poland

  • Consultancy services and negotiation with insurers of the hazard classification and the need of fire safety systems
  • Basic engineering design of several fixed fire protection systems (including requisition documents)
  • Preparing requisition documents for the pump house and assessment of the fire water demand for the entire cigarette plant

Nicorette (J&J) - Sweden

  • Consultancy services during implementation of fire protection systems at their site in Helsingborg, incl. FM Global compliance and approval

UCB-Sidac Films - Ghent - Belgium

  • Risk analysis of the hazards associated with the storage and processing of toxic, flammable and instable materials in a film producing factory

Synthes (J&J) - Italy and Switzerland

  • L&FS consultancy and engineering expertise to assist Synthes Inc. with the implementation of J&J Worldwide Fire Safety Policy and FM Global requirements


FPC Risk manufacturing


Coca Cola - Europe

  • Gap analysis of fire detection & alarm systems for 12 Coca Cola sites located in Europe

Francolor - France

  • Conduct of a hazard analysis and firesafety study to identify and assess the particular fire and explosion risks of reactors and associated process equipment handling mainly isobutane and kerosine
  • Prepare a basic design concept and preliminary engineering calculations to upgrade / retrofit the existing fire protection systems to provide rapid fire control suitable for the hazards to be protected

Ajinomoto - Europe

  • Consultancy and complete FPE packages for several of Ajinomoto processing and manufacturing plants in Europe

Brenntag - Belgium

  • Fire risk assessment of the plant’s production areas, warehouses and tank storage containing highly flammable liquids, solvents and industrial chemicals. Subsequently, prepare firesafety philosophy design criteria, drawings, specifications and tender documents for the implementation of a new fire water supply infrastructure and of ‘advanced’ fire alarm/detection/fixed protection systems
  • Special attention is attributed to the prevention of environmental damage in case of accidental spills of hydrocarbons / chemicals mixed with polluted fire water. Accordingly, the plant will soon be provided with a dedicated ‘aboveground’ drainage and containment system based upon FPC Risk’s design
  • To avoid excessive use of fire water, a medium expansion foam for blanketing is used in the tank storage areas. Warehouses with flammable liquid drum storage are retrofitted with a unique automatic activated ‘inside air - hot foam system’

General Electric Plastics - Beauvais - France

  • Discussions with FMI, GEP-Beauvais, GEP Corporate and establish fire safety philosophy and fire protection design criteria for the entire plant
  • Preparation of a fire protection upgrading programme
  • Engineering, design, specifications and preparation of tender documents of the fire protection upgrading programme, to include new fire pump room and underground fire water distribution system
  • Budget estimate of the fire protection upgrading programme
  • Basic engineering of fire protection systems

Sigma Coatings - Belgium

  • HazOp study of a new chemical production unit of resins by emulsion. During the execution of the study principal hazards and risks have been identified and shortcomings of the installation highlighted. HazOp worksheets are prepared by computer made suitable for presentation to the authorities
  • Consequence analysis and calculations of unwanted events of a potential run-away reaction in a process reactor. Draw up event tree of the particular run-away accident scenario and investigate the credibility. Based upon the outcome of the calculations, FPC Risk developed technical recommendations on 2 levels :
    • accident prevention by interfering into the cascades of events (interlocks)
    • protection of equipment, reactor building, employees and structures

Polypreen - Belgium

  • Development of fire safety concept for production and warehouse facility of mattresses in Lommel
  • Review existing fire protection systems
  • Development of pre-incident plans
  • Negotiations with fire brigade
  • Development of emergency response plan

Greiff - France

  • Development of tender packagers for installation of sprinkler systems in several warehouses in France


More references are available upon request.