Pharmaceutical and medical

EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Conduct of loss prevention audits for pharmaceutical/medical properties throughout Eastern Europe:

  • KDL Laboratory, Moscow, Russia

IFC Worldbank - USA

Conduct of loss prevention audits for pharmaceutical / medical properties throughout Eastern Europe:

  • Ava-Peter Clinic, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Medicina Clinic, Moscow, Russia
  • Medical Centre, Egypt (Orascom)
  • Medicover Health Care Centres (Medicover, Poland)
  • Locations in Poland:
    • Warsaw, Ochota Street
    • Warsaw, Lazienki Street
    • Warsaw, Nowe Miasto Street
    • Gdansk, Beniowskiego
    • Katowice, Grabowa
    • Krakow, Krzywa
    • Krakow, Philip Morris
    • Lodz, Makro
    • Pznan, Serbska
    • Wroclaw, Grabiszynska
  • Locations in Romania:
    • Bucharest, Plevnei
    • Bucharest, Brimax
    • Bucharest, Laboratory
  • Location in Hungary:
    • Budapest, r-klinika

Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson) - Worldwide

Umbrella contract with Janssen Pharmaceutica and Johnson & Johnson worldwide responsible for the various consultancy and engineering projects, covering amongst others:

  • Project management, consultancy and engineering services for implementation of life and fire safety systems at existing and new Janssen Pharmaceutica plants in Beerse and Geel
  • Consultancy and engineering assistance during design of fire detection/protection systems for new plants in Greece and China
  • Consultancy services to negotiate the required fire protection requirements with and to obtain approvals from the insurance company (FM-Global)
  • Verify compliance with local safety and environmental directives and laws
  • Assistance to JNJ WWERE on various projects
  • Fire risk screening of JNJ buildings
  • Upgrading and development of Janssen Pharmaceutica’s in-house safety and engineering standards
  • Risk analysis studies
  • Pre-Incident plan development
  • Business Continuity Planning for 6 sites in Belgium
  • Training & exercising of crisis management & emergency response teams
  • Assistant to purchase department regarding procurement
  • Testing and commissioning of fire safety systems
  • Renegotiation with the insurer and local government


fpc risk medical


Pfizer - Belgium

  • HaZop study of depyrogenation tunnels
  • Inventarisation of all process and safety data of the 7 depyrogenation tunnels
  • Conduct of HaZop study
  • Project implementation plan of the recommendations resulting from the HaZop study

Synthes (J&J) - Italy and Switzerland

  • L&FS consultancy and engineering expertise to assist Synthes Inc. with the implementation of J&J Worldwide fire safety policy and FM Global requirements

Zayed Military Hospital - United Arab Emirates

  • Site survey and Risk Analysis of 4 hospitals
  • Preparing tender documents for upgrading of life and fire safety systems
  • Assistance in price and technical negotiating with international contractors

ZNA - Belgium

  • Study with regard to fire resistance of the steel structure of the Middelheim hospital in Antwerp


More references are available upon request.