Power generation

Abu Dhabi / Al Ain Power Station - UAE

  • Waterspray systems, fire water mains, fire detection and protection systems - power plant/gas turbine, hazardous area processes, warehouse/stores, fuel handling, bulk fuel storage

Al Ain Power Station upgrade project - UAE

  • Design/installation/commissioning of fire and gas life safety systems at Abu Dhabi Al Ain power station upgrade projects with Marubeni Corporation/MF Kent
  • Preparation of basic engineering lay-outs and design specifications for fire protection systems for the power plant equipment including foam/water spray systems for oil fuel transfer skids, water spray systems for transformers units

Aqualectra Production - Curacao - Netherlands Antilles

  • Engineering and design of the fire protection upgrading of two gas turbines and two black start units of the Aqualectra Production, Mundo Nobo site
  • Engineering and design of the fire protection upgrading of the diesel power station, Dokweg site
  • Fire safety audit at Mundo Nobo site

BEMCO - QASSIM Power Plant - KSA

  • Preparation of design basis document, and detailed engineering design for fire detection and alarm systems for Qassim power plant expansions
  • Assessment of the manufacturer material submittals, documentation and services specified by the main contractor

EMAL, Emirates Aluminum Project Phase 2 - UAE

  • Fire safety engineering and consultancy services covering basic/detailed engineering design, materials approval, field inspection, testing & commissioning

E.ON Power Plant - Antwerp - Belgium

Provision of fire safety consultancy and engineering Services for the newly planned 1100 MW Antwerp Power Plant (APP) of E.ON at the Bayer site in Antwerp (Belgium). APP is an ultra-modern coal power plant where powdered coal is used to generate steam under very high steam conditions

The services encompassed a.o.:

  • Definition of the life & fire safety philosophy in line with Belgian and local building codes and regulations
  • Coordination with E.ON engineering department in Germany
  • Negotiations and coordination with architects and local fire brigade
  • Preparation of the fire safety concept report for integration in the building permit package

GEBE - St. Maarten - Caribbean

  • Feasibility study for upgrading of the fire detection, alarm and protection system at the GEBE main electricity production facility in Saint Maarten
  • Engineering and design of the fire protection systems for protection of the five generator buildings, tank fuel storage and utility area

CEGCO - Central Electricity Generating Company - Jordan

  • Conduct of a fire assessment study covering 4 power plants in Jordan, and for providing recommendations for all new systems to be provided and for upgrading the existing systems as required

JEPCO - Jordan

  • As project manager responsible for the conduct of a fire safety study covering main stations, substation, transformers rooms and control rooms


FPC Risk power


Kapichira Hydro Electric Power Scheme - Malawi (Pauwels Trafo)

  • EPC-project manager for the execution of the entire protection package, i.e. water supply (fire pumps), distribution network with hose cabinets, hydrants and deluge systems protecting trafo stations
  • Preparation of maintenance and operation manuals
  • Staff training

Marafiq Power Plant, Yanbu - KSA

  • Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) has been undertaken for the Marafiq Yanbu Power and Water Project Package 1 (Power and Water Production Facilities) and Package 3 (Fuel Facilities). The goals and objectives of the FRA are to evaluate the design and layout of the plant in terms of the fire and life safety features provided within the design against the goals and performance objectives in terms of life safety and plant damage/business interruption
  • The life safety goals are to protect occupants not intimate with the initial fire development from loss of life and improve the survivability of those who are intimate with the fire development, as well as to provide protection for essential and emergency personnel.
  • The plant damage/business interruption goals are that (1) potential property damage due to fire incident shall be limited to an acceptable level as determined by the owner and (2) potential business interruption (plant downtime) due to fire shall be limited to an acceptable level as determined by the owner

PP10 Power Plant - KSA

The PP10 Power Plant is being converted from a simple cycle gas turbine into a combined cycle:

  • Provide independent fire engineering eesign, consultancy, and technical review services for fire alarm and detection systems
  • Produce basic design documents, fire alarm integration solution study report - common monitoring display HMI's interface/integration between PP10 existing FA fetwork(NOTIFIER) and PP10CC new FA network (UTC-Edwards)
  • Ensure that the detailed engineering shop drawings, and related submittals documents prepared by the company are in conformance with the SEC contract requirements, HCIS requirements, and the NFPA codes

PP 12 Power Plant - KSA

Provide independent fire engineering consultancy and technical review support services for fire protection and detection systems:

  • Ensure that the basic design documents and detailed engineering shop drawings and related submittals documents prepared by the company are in conformance with the SEC contract requirements, HCIS requirements, and the NFPA codes
  • Documents reviewed and validated include system description, conceptual design basis documents, risk assessment document, battery calculations for fire detection and alarm systems, fire alarm general arrangements, cause & effect matrix, FPS PID's , fire protection systems shop drawings, hydraulic/gas flow calculations, fire alarm system overall network drawings, linear heat detection (LHD) for HV cables and IO cabinet shop drawings amongst others

Qatalum Plant - Qatar

The Qatalum plant is a 50/50 joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Hydro Aluminum of Norway. The Qatalum plant is located in the Mesaieed industrial City area, South of Doha

Qatalum plant is an aluminum plant with a production capacity of 585.000 MT per year both for foundry alloy and extrusion ingots. The plant consists of reduction, cast house, carbon and power plant.

  • Check and verify if the existing provisions and installations are still in compliance with the NFPA and Qatar Civil Defence requirements, considering the number of modifications done in most parts of the plant, and if there are existing structures which do not have the system yet but are required by the standards
  • Determine if the current installation and location of fire detection and suppression devices are accessible for maintenance activities

QASCO - Qatar

  • Conduct of risk assessment for cable culverts, substation, 66KVA switch gear room and flicker station areas
  • Design of automatic fire suppression systems for cable culverts (low pressure water mist)
  • Design of fire detection and alarm management systems (air sampling and normal addressable type)

Ras Abu Fontas PowerStation upgrade in Qatar for ALSTOM - France

  • Water spray deluge systems, fire water mains/fire water pumps, fire detection and protection systems to NFPA codes - power plant facilities, hazardous area processes, warehouse/stores

Ras Girtas Power Company (RGPC) - Qatar

  • Ras Girtas Power Company (RGPC) is located at Ras Laffan Industrial City Qatar
  • Assessment of various firefighting equipment/systems in power and water generation business. Study/aAudit the RGPC fire fighting and monitoring system, compare with the prevailing standards in similar business and assess the need for requirement/ improvement

SECO - Saudi Electricity Company  KSA

  • Conduct of a fire assessment study covering 15 power plants in the northern and eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia. Preparation of tender packages, for each power plant covering all new fire protection and detection systems to be provided and all upgrades on existing systems

Sloecentrale - Vlissingen - The Netherlands

  • Sloecentrale is a power generating project consisting of 2 separatie 435 MW gas and steam driven single shaft STAG power generators, located in two separate buildings
  • Provision of fire safety consultancy and supervisory services to Sloecentrale (Delta / EDF) during design and installation of the fire detection, alarm and protection systems, incl. testing/commissioning and coordination with insurance company and local fire brigade
  • After start-up of the power plant, FPC Risk conducts a yearly inspection and testing of the life & fire safety systems (renewal of certificate)

SWCC - Ras Al Khair Power & Desalination Plant - PHASE 1 (Package ”P”) - KSA

  • Appointed as specialist for preparation a fire safety design report (FSDR), to provide the overall fire and life safety systems requirements for the complete power plant which will address all elements of fire protection/detection systems
  • Provision of independent fire engineering and technical review and support services for the fire protection vendor design/shop drawings for conformance with SWCC contract requirements and AHJ requirements
  • Provision of independent fire engineering technical review and support services for development of architectural and lay-out drawings for the buildings and plants for conformance with AHJ directives
  • Technical consultancy support for the fire proof design of whole plant cabling work and for the design of fire stops, fire penetration seals and fire resistant work
  • Preparation of electrical hazardous area study report that identifies all sources for hazardous areas including a summary table/hazardous area classification schedule with assessment of explosion risks and possible explosion sources
  • Preparation of consolidated overall hazardous area classification drawing for the entire power plant complex
  • Preparation of a document on explosion prevention and protection
  • Preparation of the out-to-tender documents and liaising with bidders, dealing with technical queries and bid clarifications
  • Technical/commercial bid analysis with recommendations for management review and approval
  • Responsibility for the supervision and commissioning of the fire systems, and hand over to the client

SWCC - Saline Water Conversion Corporation - KSA

  • Conduct of a site survey for SWCC desalination plant, Jubail. Fire risk assessment and preparation of tender packages for the upgrade/design of fire protection and detection systems for the power plants facilities (powerhouses), substations/electrical process/control buildings, offices/canteens/general plant areas, storage areas (general /chemical/hazardous), warehouses with mixed commodity storage on racks. Hydraulic calculations were performed for all the proposed fire protection systems which include water spray deluge systems for transformer, turbines, subsurface foam injection systems for fuel storage tanks, foam deluge systems for fuel transfer pumps, fuel unloading facilities and sprinkler systems


More references are available upon request.