Emergency Management Services

FPC Risk takes a holistic approach to emergency management. In today's world it is no longer a matter of IF things go wrong but WHEN and how quickly can you respond adequately. We take a risk based approach and help you increase your organisational readiness.

This will improve confidence, capabilities, response times and reduce damages and recovery time when things go wrong. We help you prepare for and respond during incidents through pragmatic emergency management plans and a resilient organisation.

What we do

To help our customers achieve a high level of safety through an effective organisation we provide the following range of services and solutions:

  • Design of an optimised crisis & emergency management organisation
  • Development of emergency response plans & pre-incident plans
  • Implementation of information management processes and innovative crisis information management software solutions incl. NoKeos, the award winning emergency management software solution
  • Increase your organisation’s emergency response capabilities through structured training and realistic exercises
  • Project management of complex joint emergency management projects involving private and/or public stakeholders

How we do it

FPC Risk has developed a Crisis Action Plan that will transfer your existing emergency management organisation in different steps towards a resilient and effective organisation.
The plan consists of 9 steps and gives you an à-la-carte menu to choose from. Although the approach is methodical, the outcome can be different for every organisation. Your emergency management organisation will be shaped and trained to your specific risks, culture, legal requirements, capabilities and budget. We have solid experience in ports, nuclear, oil& gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

If you want to know more about our Crisis Action Plan you can download the service leaflet. Looking for references? Please check our list of achievements.