In 1973 FPC Risk was established by Joseph New and Ed  Bruyninckx as the first independent fire protection consultancy company in Europe. It was the time the big American insurance companies started to set foot on the old continent. And they needed fire risk expertise to support their insurance policy premium settings.

Not too long after, Shell Nigeria needed support in what was at that time the largest oil exploration operation of Shell in the world. For 10 solid years FPC Risk developed its skills and gained experience while working for Shell in Nigeria. Until this day staff members that were involved in this great and valuable adventure, are active at FPC Risk.

While FPC Risk extended its action radius in the 90’s, academical master programs in fire engineering started to appear on the horizon. Ralf Bruyninckx was the first European to graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the United States. He brought in new ideas and introduced technology into the company by linking fire safety and ICT.  

Today FPC Risk has not only broadened its action radius from a geographically perceptive but also from a service offering point of view. We employ emergency managers that advice organisations in the incident preparation phase. After all, safeguarding life and assets requires both technical and organisational measures. 

FPC Risk can look back upon a pretty nice history, but keeps a strong focus at the future with an innovative eye.


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