Fire Risk Engineering

Our engineers design reliable, efficient, and cost-effective fire protection systems to safeguard your company’s lives and assets. Subsequently, they follow-up on installations and assist during testing and commission. That way, we ensure that your systems are installed and operate according to the approved design.

Our fire risk engineers

Our engineers are multitalented problem-solvers:

  • fully aware of international standards,
  • up-to-date on current performant and reliable fire protection systems,
  • incorporating all engineering disciplines: civil, mechanical, process, HVAC, electrical, …
  • ensuring that all systems are properly integrated and operational when needed.

Fire Risk Engineering – the scope of our services

Our engineers design your fire safety concept with a bird’s view of what is necessary for your organization.

You can expect:

  • design and review of fire protection systems,
  • development of tender packages and bid reviews,
  • testing and commissioning of fire protection systems,
  • hydraulic analysis of firewater systems,
  • fire and gas detection,
  • product and equipment evaluation,
  • smoke management system design,
  • sprinkler and fire pump design,
  • special extinguishment agents design,
  • fire and foam water drainage design,
  • development of cause and effect matrixes,
  • development of safety and evacuation plans,
  • supervision over installation activities,
  • fire, explosion and evacuation modeling
  • CFD and Evacuation modeling
  • structural integrity analysis.


Our references