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 Reducing cost and risk with brand new tech and remote expertise

FPC Risk has vast experience in life and fire safety in almost any building or branch, in nearly every country. We stay familiar with local codes and standards, and we immediately identify hot spots for your company’s safety. But even better: we innovate continuously. Right now, the need for remote assistance grows due to COVID and environmental considerations.

Our newest service offering is remote fire risk screening of your building, a risk analysis performed by a fire risk engineer from his desktop to yours.

What is remote fire risk screening?

Remote fire risk screening is a way to screen your property and evaluate whether an acceptable level of life and fire safety is in place.


Simply put: we don’t send our fire experts, but we do send their eyes to evaluate your facilities.


  • Our technician screens your property against the applicable codes and property standards. 

  • We use 360° cameras to not overlook an inch of your property.

  • The virtual tour is used to identify red flags and determine the next necessary steps.

Who's it for?

Remote fire risk auditing is a ‘building only service’, applicable in many structures, such as hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, markets, etc.
Our remote strategy is completely in line with the recent NFPA draft 915.

How does remote screening benefit you?

There are several indisputable pros for your company.

  • The virtual tour reduces your periodic screenings in both time and third-party costs.
  • There is no travel required, which is beneficial for both monetary and environmental reasons. Plus: possible travel restrictions no longer have an effect on your fire safety.
  • There is considerable knowledge transfer from our experts to your technical expert present during the screening.
  • You can manifest a quick response to the identified issues at hand

How does it work, what do you need?

Every remote fire risk screening follows the same straightforward steps:

  • Our fire risk expert collects the necessary information and facility plans.
  • We draw up a scenario of the building walkthrough and submit it to you.
  • After your authorization, we send you the camera for the tour.
  • We schedule a live online meeting with an expert technician on both sides.
  • Our expert steers your technician through the building, asking him to follow the scenario and respond to questions.
  • We record the tour.
  • Our expert draws up a report, provides you with a score, and formulates possible follow-up actions.

It is important to know that a virtual tour doesn’t provide the same detail as an on-site visit. However, it is very efficient in identifying red flags, screening fire exits, building compartments, properly closing fire doors, etcetera.

Technical toolbox

  • We send you a user-friendly and portable camera, plus a tutorial easily accessed via QR-code.

  • We set up a secure connection to warrant the safety and quality of the images.

  • The tour is recorded at 360° so we can ‘walk around’ again at a later time.

  • Thanks to 5G it is possible to live-stream these 360° images.

  • Due to the detailed images, it is very unlikely that we miss apparent fire safety issues.

Do you want to be an early adopter? Interested in enrolling in this pilot project? Keen to test and evaluate our remote screening process?Thinking about testing? 

At FPC Risk, we appreciate the mutual transfer of knowledge. And we can only achieve that through your help. 

Send us an email for a possible trial.


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