A day in the life of a fire risk engineer

8.00 AM

From the moment I open my laptop, my workday starts. I manage my e-mails, skim through my schedule and prepare for my first meeting.

9.30 AM

Together with my colleague and fire risk consultant Kris, I leave for the Total Refinery in Antwerp. We start by evaluating and testing the fire water network before examining the new fire pumps.

11.30 AM

Back at FPC Risk, I learn how to generate evacuation simulations for soccer stadiums.

12.30 PM

During lunch, I love catching up with what my coworkers have going on.

1.00 PM

My colleague Sam comes by to check out the results of some evacuation simulations. We present three new scenarios to him.

2.00 PM

Throughout an internal meeting with our design engineers, we put the finishing touches on the plans and drawings of Shell’s offshore platforms in the North Sea.

4.00 PM

There’s just enough time left in the day to follow design engineer Filip’s technical review meeting on the brand new standards.

5.00 PM

After reading and answering the last few e-mails, I review tomorrow’s schedule before I leave the office. No traffic jams for me, as I use my electric bike to get home.

Jobs @ FPC Risk

Fire Risk Consultant

Junior Fire Risk Engineer

System Design Engineer