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Working at FPC Risk: "Lots of learning opportunities, lots of satisfaction"

As fire risk engineer and emergency management specialist at FPC Risk, Danny Claes is able to make full use of his versatile expertise. His trajectory with the company started about a year ago, but every day provides him with new knowledge to apply in a range of projects. Danny talks about how he did not only find a pleasant workplace at FPC Risk, but also a great career.

Building bridges in an open corporate culture

For both his customers and his colleagues, Danny is the person who builds bridges between different teams. "My job is quite unique," Danny explains, "I actually work for two departments at the same time. As a fire risk engineer, I advise construction teams on their fire safety, I supervise the sale of our services and architectural projects. In the emergency planning department, the focus is on working with the people and processes within those organisations. These services complement each other nicely, giving me a wide range of tasks. I'm glad I was given this opportunity." Initially, there was a clearly defined time ratio between those services, but gradually Danny was given more freedom to balance his tasks himself: "Of course, it depends on what assignments come in, but within that framework, I somewhat get to decide how to approach it myself. That's nice."

This open atmosphere makes FPC Risk an accessible workplace, Danny says. "I am one of the younger employees, but my voice was greatly appreciated from day one. There is a continuous exchange of knowledge, thanks to the years of experience of seasoned colleagues and the enthusiasm of younger ones. There is a very open atmosphere, with room to learn from each other. And from time to time we also do something fun together, like at the events organised by the culture and sports team."


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Broad experience for a wide client portfolio

During his studies as a civil engineer-architect, Danny came across fire safety several times. "I always found it very interesting," he says, "After getting my degree, I went to work for a fire safety control agency. I liked it and I learned a lot there, but when I was able to transfer to FPC Risk, I didn't hesitate. In my previous job, I mainly had to play referee, while here I feel more like a team player, on the side of the client, who guarantees a safe building concept."

Danny also likes the different working environments he ends up in: "One day I'm at the harbour, the next at the airport, the day after at the opera. I get a look behind the scenes of organisations that are otherwise inaccessible. And I learn to work with all kinds of different people, who can learn something from me or vice versa!"

Innovation is key

"Seize the opportunities that are presented to you," that is Danny's advice to new employees. "FPC Risk is a company that gives a lot of opportunities to learn. You build up your experience very quickly by starting immediately in an expert role. And it’s okay if you don't know something straight away, because it often involves risk assessment, specific interpretations of guidelines and legislation. You look it up or discuss it with your colleagues."

Gradually learning is the strength of this sector. "Innovation is very important, because new materials and techniques are constantly appearing in the construction sector, which also entail new risks. It is therefore important to stay well-informed so that you can advise your clients in a targeted way," Danny says, "That's why I recently had the opportunity to attend a congress in Berlin to learn about new developments." The field is constantly evolving, which allows you to learn enormously fast.

fpc risk danny claes interview

Making an actual difference

Danny looks forward to the rest of his career at FPC Risk. "I'm very happy to have stepped into this job," he says, "Fire safety is not only a great expertise with a lot of future, but also a noble task that gives a lot of satisfaction. And at FPC Risk, you get the chance to use your expertise in many different sectors, each time with a new angle and new insights. That keeps it exciting, and you can feel that you are making a difference."


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