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Tom Horemans, emergency management consultant

Tom in a nutshell

  •  Started at FPC Risk in 2018.
  •  Has degrees in Safety and Prevention, and as Prevention Adviser.
  •  Enjoys the freedom and the variety of his job.
  •  Volunteers as a firefighter in his local station.


What is your job position at FPC Risk and how did you get there?

I am an emergency management consultant. I’ve been at FPC Risk for a little over 3 years, after working as an HSSEQ supervisor at Katoennatie. That was my first job, during which I managed different warehouses and completed my Prevention Adviser education.

It’s funny because I first applied for a job at FPC Risk right after my graduation. The person they then hired moved away and recommended me. They remembered my job interviews, so after a few additional conversations, I was hired. I’ve always been interested in working with first responders, in contingency planning, and in the interrelation between government and businesses. All of which I didn’t get to explore in my job at Katoennatie, so I didn’t hesitate to make the switch.

What does your job entail?

As an Emergency consultant, I mostly perform operational tasks such as developing projects. As a consultant, I coordinate key accounts, act as the single point of contact, and engage in project management. I am mostly entrusted with planning: making up realistic calendars to complete projects.

Besides Emergency Management consultant, I’m also a prevention adviser and a member of the HR/Culture team, with which we try to spruce things up with fun initiatives and sporting activities. We are on our way to an FPC Risk 2.0 with a fresh perspective and more attention to team buildings and mental wellbeing.

Can you describe a typical workday?

A typical day starts with reading emails and consulting with colleagues and the engineering and design departments, depending on the prevailing projects. Then I work on the projects themselves by drawing up intervention plans, evacuation strategies, and contingency plans. On an ongoing basis, I keep an overview of the timing and tempo of the projects.

And apart from the job, hardly any workday ends without a visit to the gym.

What is your favorite aspect of working for FPC Risk?

Every day is different. I have so many diverse clients, the variety is endless. From the banking sector to petrochemical plants and pharmaceuticals. Every sector has its risks, its safety priorities, its particular characters to interact with.

I also love getting insight into documentation and industries normally reserved for the insiders.

Apart from that, as an analyst and especially as a consultant, I have a lot of freedom. I get to plan my calendar, according to the deadlines of the projects. And as part of the HR/Culture team, I get to brainstorm about the company itself, which is absolutely energizing.

As a ‘youngster’ I enjoy learning from the seniors in our office. There are so many specialists with tons of expertise, who don’t hesitate to share their wisdom. Furthermore, anything is possible at FPC Risk when you show initiative and ambition. I, for one, try to also express the ambitions of my more cautious colleagues.

I look forward to the many new experiences this job allows me to have. Right now, there’s a project in Norway on the horizon that I can’t wait to sink my teeth in.


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