Moving fire safety to the next level

Active Ants is an e-fulfilment company specialised in cross-border fulfilment for web shops. They serve small to medium sized web shops ranging from 1.000 to 50.000 orders per month.


The warehouse facility is unique in the world, highly automated, equipped with the latest technology for fast and accurate order processing. From autumn 2021, Active Ants will offer a network of centres close to their customers from 4 locations in Europe and will be the answer to the increasing demand for logistics services for players active in buying and selling via the internet.

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The challenge with such automated storage is that there is no regulation (yet), so stakeholders often impose too 'heavy' measures. These not only lead to large investments but are also often not in line with the operational use of the building. It was the task of FPC Risk to develop a package of measures from a fire risk perspective, and in consultation with all stakeholders involved.

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FPC Risk provided a feasibility study that gave Active Ants upfront insight into the overall fire technical status of the building. This study identified the potential risks with a view to possible investment and feasibility. This allowed Active Ants to make a timely decision as to whether this location was suitable for further expansion. 


Subsequently, a fire safety concept (UPD) was drawn up by FPC Risk, in which all basic principles of the fire safety systems of the project were determined, taking into account the preconditions of the stakeholders.


The cooperation between FPC Risk and Active Ants has ensured that a fire-safe e-fulfilment warehouse has been realized in Belgium in the short term, from where packages have been shipped at full speed since the summer of 2021.


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