Brenntag SE is a German chemical distribution company founded in 1874 in Berlin. The company is Headquartered in Essen, Germany and has operations in more than 77 countries worldwide.

FPC Risk's Tasks

  • Fire risk assessment of the plant’s production areas, warehouses and tank storage containing highly flammable liquids, solvents and industrial chemicals. Subsequently, prepare firesafety philosophy design criteria, drawings, specifications and tender documents for the implementation of a new fire water supply infrastructure and of ‘advanced’ fire alarm/detection/fixed protection systems
  • Special attention is attributed to the prevention of environmental damage in case of accidental spills of hydrocarbons / chemicals mixed with polluted fire water. Accordingly, the plant will soon be provided with a dedicated ‘aboveground’ drainage and containment system based upon FPC Risk’s design
  • To avoid excessive use of fire water, a medium expansion foam for blanketing is used in the tank storage areas. Warehouses with flammable liquid drum storage are retrofitted with a unique automatic activated ‘inside air - hot foam system’


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