ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil Chemical is a petrochemical company that was created by merging Exxon's and Mobil's chemical industries. Its principal products includes basic olefins and aromatics, ethylene glycol, polyethylene, and polypropylene along with speciality lines such as elastomers, plasticizers, solvents, process fluids, oxo alcohols and adhesive resins. The company also produces synthetic lubricant base stocks as well as lubricant additives, propylene packaging films and catalysts. The company was an industry leader in metallocene catalyst technology to make unique polymers with improved performance.[citation needed] ExxonMobil is the largest producer of butyl rubber.

Detection & alarm systems

  • Development of all fire protection and detection/alarm systems for a new plant in Kerkrade (The Netherlands), Brindisi (Italy) and Virton (Belgium)
  • Provision of consultancy and engineering/design services for the protection of a new, state-to-the-art oriented polypropylene films plant in Kerkrade, The Netherlands
  • Detailed design and tender documents of fire protection systems during design of the plant, incl. supervision during installation, testing and commissioning


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