Galápagos Mechelen – future-proof offices and research facilities

Internationally renowned biotechnology company and pharmaceutical pioneer Galápagos is developing a brand-new sustainable ‘home’ for its more than 1000 employees in Mechelen, Belgium. The building has future-proof written all over it, with green roofs, spacious bicycle parking space, 700 solar panels, heat and water recovery, e-bike and e-car loading stations, and even apiaries.

While blocking disruptive sounds from the closely situated Mechelen railway station for its workers, the building will even muffle the sounds for a bigger part of the neighborhood.

How FPC Risk prepared a fire safety concept according to the architectural design and applicable legislation

Designing a fire safety concept for a brand-new office and research building for over 1000 people is what FPC does best. Our designers and engineers verify the architectural and compartmentation plans and submit derogation files for deviations from the legislation.

Our team conducts follow-up on architect questions and advises where needed. More specifically, they design sprinkler systems and fire water pumps according to the required criteria, as well as the layout of the pump room, amongst other things.

FPC Risk is involved in this extensive project, from its conception to its aftercare, all while securing the fire safety of the over 1000 employees and valuable research facilities.


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