Gare Maritime - One-time freight station becomes all-time favorite hang-out spot

Brussels will soon welcome a lively new urban quarter. The Gare Maritima, a former freight station, is on track to becoming a roofed neighborhood, full of shopping, working, eating, and drinking, with multiple features for leisure and hosting events. The renovations will highlight the beauty of this stunning building while increasing its functionality. The sustainable and bustling spot will fully run on renewable energy.

How FPC Risk manages the complexities of a monumental project

Turning an old railroad station into a brand-new and functioning neighborhood, is a complex undertaking, requiring close coordination between builder, architect, authorities, fire department, and FPC Risk.

From the start of the project to the aftercare, FPC Risk goes through different steps in ensuring a fire-safe environment.

Our engineers develop a fire safety concept that clearly formulates the different partners’ codes and regulations. They evaluate the design plans, define recommendations, identify the needed deviation requests, and regularly consult with the project team before developing a final fire safety concept.


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