Bringing people together

RAI Amsterdam is an internationally acclaimed exhibition and conference space and organizer. Since being established in 1893, RAI has brought people together. Now more than ever, it connects and inspires the public by shaping and facilitating meaningful encounters.

You name it, RAI realized it: consumer exhibitions, major conferences, dance events, theatre productions, and anything in between. Being as multi-faceted as RAI comes with its stipulations. FPC Risk proved to be the ideal partner in setting up a clear and straightforward fire safety concept.

How FPC Risks developed a fire safety concept for varying implementation

As RAI Amsterdam wanted to further broaden its operations, it needed to develop a fully validated fire safety concept that takes into account the multiple purposes of the building.

FPC Risk took on the development of this fire safety concept, following National Fire Code Analysis. We transparently mapped out every fire safety measure to get an overview of the security status of the building, before implementing our systematic, structured, and comprehensive approach to the currently existing halls.


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