VTTI – Keeping energy in store

VTTI is the world’s fastest-growing storage provider for energy and other essential products. They created brand-new, world-class greenfield terminals from Rotterdam to Malaysia and revitalized existing terminals like ATPC in Antwerp. 

With over 10 million m³ of storage capacity across five continents, they are always evolving to meet the market's needs. By continuously innovating and developing new ways to store and distribute energy and chemicals, VTTI searches for sustainable solutions with smaller environmental and carbon footprints.

How FPC Risk supports VTTI worldwide

FPC Risk has an umbrella contract with VTTI, which means that we keep the company’s fire safety up to standard, anywhere in the world.

At the terminals and loading jetties, we provide all aspects of fire protection (passive and/or active), fire and gas detection, alarm management, and life safety. 

Our engineers prepare heat radiation calculations using computational software and define the facility's theoretical fire water demand, based on credible fire scenarios. Moreover, they review the fire and life safety aspects of all contractor submittals for installations and carry out the GAP analysis of corporate standards.


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