FPC Risk Nominated for FireForum Award


On November 16, 2023, Fireforum will award the Fireforum Awards for the seventh time, honoring individuals and organizations for their contributions to firefighting and fire safety. FPC Risk has been nominated in the category 'Fire Safety - Sensitization and Prevention for the Population' with the project: self-assessment tool for fire safety.



The project has several key objectives

  • Sensitization: The project contributes to in-depth sensitization about fire safety in small-scale care facilities through an accessible self-assessment tool.
  • Risk Identification: The tool identifies fire safety focal points during a facility's walkthrough and provides concrete action points.
  • Increasing Engagement: The tool enhances engagement and awareness among all stakeholders in the care facility.


Target Audience

The self-assessment tool targets small-scale care facilities in sectors such as childcare, youth care, and facilities for people with disabilities. There are two user groups: facilities with employees and facilities operating independently, such as home caregivers. Furthermore, the application can be applied in other (care) facilities. 


Applicable in Multiple Sectors

This project and the methodology used can be replicated and applied in other sectors, such as construction, the medical sector, educational facilities, and collective housing.

This innovative project by FPC Risk illustrates the power of collaboration and innovation in increasing fire safety sensitization and awareness. By using a practical self-assessment tool, small-scale care facilities can improve fire safety and enhance the safety of their residents, all in a cost-effective and accessible manner.


This application was created in collaboration with Zorg Vlaanderen & Gemsotec.


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