FPC Risk nominated for the Fireforum Awards 2021


Fireforum is a professional association for different stakeholders within the fire prevention and safety world. Fireforum strives for a better fire safety, by stimulating dialogue, spreading knowledge and information and promoting quality and innovation.

FPC Risk is nominated for the annual Fireforum awards with following projects:

Fire directive "storage facilities for dangerous goods"

This guideline was created with the aim of providing guidance to both the rescue zones and the storage companies when assessing dossiers and designing fire-safe storage facilities for dangerous goods respectively.
Previously, there was no uniform document dealing specifically with fire safety for hazardous goods storage facilities.
As a result of close cooperation between the study bureau, the emergency areas, storage companies and other stakeholders, the guideline has been widely accepted by all parties involved.


Methodology for risk analysis

FPC Risk developed a methodology and tool for the 6 Flemish assistance zones (Firefighting Network) with high risks so that all zones can elaborate their risk analyses according to the same calibrated method. The aim is for local authorities to be able to make objective and well-founded policy decisions for tomorrow's fire department, based on the conclusions from the risk analysis. In this way they can easily see which resources (equipment and people) are needed to fight the risks present and where these resources should be stationed. In this way, an efficient operational firefighting organization can be developed.


FPC Risk also has a chance to win the audience award.
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