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Royal Dutch Shell is a British-Dutch oil and gas multinational, combining activities In exploration and production, refining, transportation, distribution, power generation, and much more. As the 21st largest public company in the world, its endeavors cover all continents.

Where and how FPC Risk supported Shell:

Shell BLNG - Brunei

  • Concept design for fire protection of LNG tanks
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire water supply system
  • Development of tender packages

Shell Eastern petroleum LTD.

  • Development of a fire protection philosophy for the entire refinery.
  • Conduct of detailed studies and hazard assessment for SEPL's 450.000 barrel per day refinery, storage and marine loading facilities. The study included:
    • Establish a fire fighting strategy
    • Survey, hazard analysis and preparation of a study report with detailed recommendations on the type of suppression and detection systems required and definition of fire protection design criteria for the refinery process area
    • Engineering design and hydraulic calculations of fire protection systems for all wharves and jetties, including support to the local Singaporean engineering company during detailed design and discussions with local authorities
  • These studies also included the preparation of specifications, material take off and cost estimation for implementation
  • Development of a new emergency management organisation based on ICS and coaching of the company towards this new organisation. Work with Civil Defence towards a unified command structure
  • Development of on-site emergency response plans, standard operating procedures, pre-incident plans, trainings & exercises

Shell Global solutions - Wordlwide

  • Umbrella contract for worldwide upgrading programme on fire and gas detection
  • Support with global procurement of fire fighting equipment
  • Review of fire protection systems as part of focused assessed integrity studies offshore
  • Development of emergency management training standard
  • Development of pre-fire plans for LNG fuel stations

Shell petroleum development company Nigeria (SPDC)

  • Field surveys, engineering and design for the preparation of detailed tender packages for upgrading of fire protection-, detection- and alarm systems for SPDC's office buildings, gas plants, crude oil loading platforms, marine terminals, industrial and residential area

Shell UK & Nordics

  • GAP Assessment of 9 Oil Terminals in Norway, including high level risk analysis and corrective action plan.
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire water supply system.


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